Mission and Values



True to human values, to establish new relations and to cement centuries-old ones in the competitive provision of transport services by sea and by air, as well as to act as husbandry and regular line shipping agents providing returns for equity holders and a climate of professional and personal development for our employees.



Credibility, Integrity and Rigor: We assume our commitments, seeking to act ethically with our customers and other business partners.

Customer Orientation: We provide solutions designed for each customer taking into account their needs and expectations, while seeking to ensure their satisfaction and loyalty.

Organization, Quality and Innovation: We foster an environment of ongoing training and development, implementing quality rules governing our activities and actively searching for solutions and alternatives to serve our customers ever more efficiently.

Competitiveness: In a highly competitive environment we contribute through our solutions to increasing our customer's competitiveness.

Social Responsibility: We assume a commitment to socially responsible conduct towards our employees, our customers and the community.